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Rust Repair

Automotive Rust Repair

Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle

Your automobile is the result of decades of technological advancements and testing, but even the most modern cars and trucks remain vulnerable to an old enemy: rust.

Road contaminants like salt, in addition to unfavorable weather conditions like rain, take toll on your vehicle over time in the form of rust spots. But this doesn't mean you're without options when it comes to preserving your car's value for longer.

Ask About Rust Repair

76 Customs provides rust repair services for Whitehouse, NJ, Whitehouse Station, NJ, Branchburg, NJ, and surrounding areas. Our qualified technicians remove rust from the afflicted areas and restore the appearance of your vehicle with factory matched paint.

Why Does Rust Occur?

Understanding why you have rust spots helps with future prevention. Rust occurs when molecules in iron react with oxygen and water. Limiting time outdoor, especially during storms, can help reduce the occurrence of rust.

Many modern cars are manufactured with galvanized steel to help prevent rust, but they're not impervious. A deep scratch provides exposure to the environment and creates the perfect opportunity for rust to occur. Classic cars and antique vehicles don't feature the same amount of factory protection and are often more prone to rusting as a result. For all vehicles, regular washing and waxing are good ways to ensure your vehicle stays in prime condition longer.

Motorists can also opt for rust undercoating services that add a barrier between oxygen and the metal on your vehicle.

I Found Rust on My Car - What Now?

Rust removal and repair is an involved process. During service, technicians remove rust to the steel before painting your vehicle. A primer is used with the correct paint color to restore the look of your car or truck. The technicians at 76 Customs have the expertise and equipment to handle all your automotive rust repair needs.

If you have any questions on rust removal, contact us for more information.

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